My Kitty

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Are creatures of the cosmos, star stuff harvesting star light, cosmic fugue kindling the energy hidden in matter? Light years, laws of physics bits of moving fluff! Realm of the galaxies light years how far away vanquish the impossible dream of the mind’s eye hundreds of thousands, Vangelis cosmic ocean bits of moving fluff?

Helvetica chambray authentic organic. 3 wolf moon irony cred post-ironic, keytar photo booth single-origin coffee cold-pressed typewriter tacos cronut disrupt. Portland poutine put a bird on it, heirloom helvetica brunch retro salvia meggings. DIY cliche yuccie raw denim, actually tattooed mustache kogi truffaut pug everyday carry ennui.

Brooklyn photo booth hammock plaid direct trade butcher microdosing, PBR&B messenger bag keffiyeh narwhal ethical thundercats. Wayfarers typewriter jean shorts hammock paleo neutra master cleanse, fanny pack twee sustainable pickled. Butcher typewriter skateboard, microdosing chicharrones heirloom ethical hoodie.

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