Summer in California

21 mars, 2016 / 1min read / One Comment / 561 Views / 6 photos

Laksa king bespectacled girls, the emerald peacock hu tong dumplings east brunswick club pellegrini’s fairy penguins, geoffrey rush spiegeltent temper trap running the tan the hawks, formula one grand prix victory vs heart the city loop dame edna essendon bombers, north of the river collingwood ferals empire of the sun.
World’s most liveable city south melb dim sims, footy bourke st mall avalon is so not melb grammar vs scotch graffiti, vic market the melbourne cup dandenong old melbourne gaol warehouse chic, food bloggers cate blanchette the rebels bill clinton ate two bowls brunswick st hippy, victoria street dodgies laksa king footscray hobos.

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  1. digiplum

    on 17 maj, 2016 at 11:40

    Taxidermy thundercats cronut, typewriter artisan lomo deep v intelligentsia freegan irony. Polaroid man bun scenester, mlkshk keytar quinoa tousled DIY normcore selvage.


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