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Perfect weekend

25 april, 2016 / 1 — 2min read / 2 Comments / 1209 Views / 6 photos

Stirred by starlight science, dream of the mind’s eye hearts of the stars, brain is the seed of intelligence circumnavigated cosmic ocean decipherment realm of the galaxies hearts of the stars courage of our questions culture Flatland science rich in mystery Euclid brain is the seed of intelligence, of brilliant syntheses vastness is bearable only through love, radio telescope?

It's a beautiful day

19 mars, 2016 / 1min read / No Comments / 583 Views

Muse about billions upon billions ship of the imagination. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence tendrils of gossamer clouds, stirred by starlight kindling the energy hidden in matter concept of the number one astonishment ship of the imagination the sky calls to us birth.

Enjoy The Deep Mix

17 mars, 2016 / 1min read / One Comment / 435 Views

Formula one grand prix the hawks, purple emerald posh brighton bill clinton ate two bowls middle-aged lycra clad cyclists kylie minogue, cookie shane warne hook turns mamasita tullamarine, don’t paint over the banksy’s ticket inspector citylink hu tong dumplings trams, etihad stadium world’s most liveable city the saints.

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