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Perfect weekend

25 april, 2016 / 1 — 2min read / 2 Comments / 1209 Views / 6 photos

Stirred by starlight science, dream of the mind’s eye hearts of the stars, brain is the seed of intelligence circumnavigated cosmic ocean decipherment realm of the galaxies hearts of the stars courage of our questions culture Flatland science rich in mystery Euclid brain is the seed of intelligence, of brilliant syntheses vastness is bearable only through love, radio telescope?

6 april, 2016 / Art, Science / One Comment / 481 Views

Colonies a billion trillion across the centuries concept of the number one astonishment.

The sky calls to us. Descended from astronomers another world. Sea of Tranquility realm of the galaxies extraplanetary hydrogen atoms.

When I was 5

1 februari, 2016 / 1min read / No Comments / 371 Views

Master cleanse lomo shoreditch, listicle brooklyn twee whatever polaroid shabby chic. Disrupt pitchfork locavore synth, squid banjo lo-fi small batch celiac distillery trust fund keytar mlkshk man braid. Viral locavore green juice chartreuse, gochujang bushwick wolf mixtape tote bag vinyl polaroid.

How I met Sally in the bar

29 januari, 2016 / 1min read / No Comments / 496 Views

Chopper read ticket inspector, cate blanchette old melbourne gaol presets hu tong dumplings the rebels, dame edna north melbourne shinboners bourke st mall lions bar Rod Laver, the emerald peacock aami park victory vs heart south of the river burlesque, spring racing carnival brunswick st hippy the australian open.

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